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Balance & Bliss (Taskeen)
Dec 06, 2022
In Share Your Memory
Thank you to John, for sharing his vision , knowledge and passion with the world, leaving behind an incredible legacy and touching lives and generations forever! I am inspired by his dedication to serve, courage to challenge, trailblazing and contribution to the world of complementary healthcare. Thank you for this incredible system, and the gift you have left us with. I was totally fangirling John, when I met him for the first time in London in 2015 (Eloise, do you remember?!) but I might have been the first person on the planet to decline his famous hug (personal modesty preference) and he found this hilarious and teased me about it- we have a picture that captures this moment!! John, will we ever be able to tap our cortices without thinking about you?! Deep condolences to Esther and his family and friends. Thank you for setting up this site to bring our thoughts together. Love the IBA matrix and what we can achieve and offer together.
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Balance & Bliss (Taskeen)

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