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Gayathri Shylesh
Dec 02, 2022
In Share Your Memory
I thought I was done being sad, and had accepted your transition because you had just merged back into the cosmic soup of consciousness and are still a part of all of us still. I thought of you intensely for the 3 days prior to your passing and wondered how you are doing and if you were strong enough or interested in coming to India again for some rest and retreat. When I heard the news of your passing that day, and how it floored me and my heart stopped for a brief moment and I remembered again how we are all connected in Oneness and on some level you were bidding us farewell on this go-around. Between feeling the expansion of joy at having known you, and the feeling of contraction of sadness, that you are no longer in the physical realm blessing us all, I am immensely grateful and feel incredibly special to have lived on the planet again this go around with you in it. I remember distinctly of the evening in November of 2008 when I received my first BodyTalk session and feeling every cell in my body vibrating so high, with a deep knowing, and remembering of something so old, as memories from so many lifetimes ago came alive, of a healing system and a group of seers and healers in that very moment- it was a quantum leap in my state of being. I felt relieved and grateful for finding the door to step into myself to feel true wisdom in the knowledge you shared, to be able to heal myself and others. The most important gift was your expansive heart and how you were relentless in your giving of your wisdom and what it means to truly individuate in Consciousness. BodyTalk has always been and always will be a spiritual healing practice of deconstruction - to reveal Wholeness, integration, to step into the Truth that is inherent in each of us. After all the stories, jokes and belly laughter and switching to being vulnerable, and sharing your flaws, you taught me the importance of authenticity, to not take yourself so seriously and to always be in service of healing yourself through others. Love and Light John! See you on the other side so that we can laugh again.
Soar high in the Light John...much gratitude! content media

Gayathri Shylesh

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