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An interesting piece to the puzzle of my life is when I was finally determined and able to take my two children to Sarasota, Florida to meet John. John had seen me briefly, during a class he taught in West Des Moines, Iowa. I was pregnant with fraternal boy/girl twins at the time, in June of 2013. He gave my belly lots of hands on warmth, love, and whatever other magic he mysteriously does! I never got a chance to see John in person again nor have Max and Isabelle meet him. So, July of 2022, I took us 3 to meet John at his beautiful homestead in Sarasota, Florida! I was hoping the kids and I could start doing that in the upcoming summers. Well, John’s legacy needed to change a bit and just a few months later, here we are sharing our beloved memories on an “Honoring John” page ❤️🙏

Katie Hall

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