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Nov 30, 2022
In Share Your Memory
In gratitude for John Veltheim changing my life in so many ways for the better, I Love him very much. So happy to have met him. My self-acceptance and confidence in myself and life and feeling good about sex instead of guilty are immeasurable gifts that came from learning from him and doing inner work with him. I get to use Mindscape daily to do well at work even on days I’m emotionally having a hard time. Thank you so much for changing the world for the better John Veltheim 🕊 In gratitude, Jordan Keenan Santee (San Diego County) California Long Version: John Veltheim, You are already greatly missed. Going to classes you taught were made to seem so much easier, by your Humor through and simple clear explanations of advanced topics. I appreciate so much how you have provided tools such as Mindscape for self-healing and finding creative solutions (which I use daily at work for creative solutions). Nowadays even though, as I’m doing deep inner work, and am sometimes incapacitated from all the emotions coming up, I just get in Mindscape and I can have a full and productive day regardless of the intense emotions coming up. I appreciate the custom BodyTalk Sessions you did for me, such as creating a neural pathway that I get to use daily to envision positive outcomes rather than the habitual negative pathways (I now have choice). I appreciate the result of a recent session you gave me in 2022 where, now when I have extremely Triggering dreams, I just wake up and go to work as normal, rather than being incapacitated by the emotionally charged dreams. Paraphrasing, you said something like, “You are doing inner work; so of course the people and subject you are doing inner work on is going to come up in dreams; That’s a good sign.” I appreciate how you helped me no longer feel guilty about sex, and instead see it as a part of a natural life. I appreciate how you moved my heart a millimeter and I went from early high blood pressure to normal blood pressure. But most of all I appreciate how when teaching you taught that I can do this too, when you taught techniques, which I have observed as true when practicing BodyTalk. My happiness has gone up significantly due to your work, greatly improving my life and Relationships with others around me! Jordan K.
Thank You John for brining improvements to my Life that are Making it Better Each Day! content media


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