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Nov 30, 2022
In Share Your Memory
My deepest condolences to Esther and John's family and friends. I came to BodyTalk in 2003 through Gilly Atkins, who was the sister of an old friend in London. You could say it was in the stars - one of those meetings that changes your life. Subsequently had BT sessions for allergies that disappeared after 20 years with three sessions! Decided to study BodyTalk - at the time alongside of my full on art business . I had to scrape myself off the ceiling after a weekend of Mod 1 & 2 followed by 4/7 the following week! My life was changed - I knew that I had found the missing piece in my jigsaw of seeking. BodyTalk is profound as a healing module - there is nothing that encompasses all elements of human emotions, behaviour, beliefs, energy, life story and astrological influence. Healing is ultimately a journey towards wholeness and John embraced and taught this with passion. I met John several times at conferences and courses and had the pleasure of breakfast with him in 2016 at his Soul's Journey course in UK - he had no airs and graces socially or as a teacher and that was really so special for one with such genius. He believed in the matrix so strongly and we worked to hold that matrix in the Australian BodyTalk Association. One of his greatest legacies to practitioners is what he considered essential to be a good practitioner... knowledge and intuition. I feel the gift of his life deeply. My profound gratitude to both John and Esther.
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