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Angie Tourani
Dec 04, 2022
In Share Your Memory
I am grateful to be part of the BodyTalk community and learn, live, practice, and teach consciousness work. It has been a blessing in my life and a transformation for me, my family, and so many others who have been cherishing the gifts of BodyTalk as clients, students, instructors and professionals. Attending John's seminars and conferences in person and online has been precious in bringing his wisdom into my life and work. I hope we continue nurturing, growing and flowering the seeds of consciousness work that John has sowed in this world in your life's hard work as the father of the BodyTalk system. Even though John is gone, his consciousness lives through each BodyTalk session and each IBA seminar. Thanks to the IBA community for nurturing and supporting us.
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Angie Tourani

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