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Sherry Gilbert
Nov 30, 2022
In Share Your Memory
I’ve been so lost for words. How do you honour John? Honour the grieving process? Honour our beautiful matrix of people who have become so dear to my life… and all because of John. I’m taken back to my very first connection to this beautiful system, seven years before I actually found it. I had a dream. One of those dreams that felt so real, you can hear the sounds, see the lights, and the whole thing lingers as you wonder why it’s not just a fleeting dream. One that hits you at a soul level leaving you curious about its meaning. Yet I let it go, as I could not put into words or make any sense of what my experience was in the dream. That is until I was lying on a massage table in my first BodyTalk BioDynamics class seven years later. (2007) As I laid there and my partner was practicing a session on day three of class, the dream landed. I recognized the room, the pot lights, the massage tables, the uniquely wavy and curved walls and ceiling, beings practicing strange techniques like doctors, dressed in their white coats, but yet not doctors, but people were healing. My dream had come true… or my dream became my reality… or my dream was perhaps not a dream at all. We are so interconnected. Within our bodies, with our environment, with our people and maybe it takes our dreams to realize the importance of connection. Reminding us there is no time, no space, no separation; that we have access to all Consciousness, in all forms. May we all take that leap between time and space to connect, to each other, to John and his dreams for BodyTalk. As his physical form is no more, his presence is evergreen, no longer limited, truly limitless… the quintessence of our system. I’ll see you all in my dreams. Practitioner Reflex, Calgary Canada, 2015
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Sherry Gilbert

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