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Dec 13, 2022
In Share Your Memory
To say John made an impact on my life would be a great understatement. Words cannot express the magnitude of positive change & quantum shift that was catalyzed the day I became entangled in his personal field and his work The BodyTalk System. I signed up for Fundamentals on a whim of inspiration after a growing curiosity of The BodyTalk System after a couple of sessions. I was happy to learn there was Fundamentals being taught in my area the very next day. I misunderstood Fundamentals 1 & 2 as two separate courses and thought I would go to the first part and only sign up for part 2 if it was "good". it was very clear after sitting in the class for the first part of the morning that I would be not only be staying for part 2 but also attending any other class I could get enrolled in...I was hooked! The paradigm shift I experienced in that first class was so powerful, the techniques and philosophy of the system penetrated my dreams for weeks (and years) after. My brain was left on fire in a good way as my brain re-calibrated a new consciousness, one that would serve me for the rest of my life. Not only did I personally experience a tremendous amount of healing from this beautiful system of healing but also have client testimonials of others that feel the same. The impact this one man had on many people's life is astounding. He was a privilege to have met and I will always be most grateful our paths crossed. I had a dream this week of John that I would like to share: I was in an auditorium of sorts, it seemed to be a gathering of other BodyTalk practitioners. There was "we miss you" music playing and the mood was somber. I was sitting at a table with my husband. My husband had a new course manual of John's and I excitedly flipped the pages eager to learn more from John's wisdom. The pages were all geometric graphs mixed with text. John came by and made a comment how we were doing well (with the new course material). He shared with us in that moment the crux of BodyTalk. He said, amongst a few other things that I cannot recall, "the closer you are to The Event, the better and more effective the technique". I believe he was referring to the event horizon. He walked away as we thanked him and I flipped to the cover of his new course manual to learn the title of his new work...It was titled "Joy". This is how I will know & remember John; One with the cosmos, learning universal secrets and sharing them with us in the simplicity of geometric shapes and Joy. May his work live on in our dreams and inspire minds to greater heights. John thank you so very much for all you have done for our little blue planet and the people, animals and plants amongst it. We miss you! We will live your legacy up in Joy and Gratitude! Love jubi / Danaca
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