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Dave Huff
Dec 01, 2022
In Share Your Memory
It has been over a week now and I still sit here numb – remembering. Remembering John’s Australian humour, mostly with groans! Remembering 2004 and the S*#@ he gave me in Mindscape for pulling him into my sessions because I figured why learn this stuff when it is easier to leverage his knowledge this way. Remembering the Omega Institute: his doting and care for Esther during a period of growth when time, space and material needs did not register; the first PaRama practical; swimming together and just “being” on the platform in the middle of the pond. Remembering how John build a matrix that started too weak to withstand the interference of clothing, led us through the disorientation of the “PaRama brain” experience as that matrix formed. Not fully understanding but remembering the respect he had for me. The moments when he would let his guard down and privately share painful personal experiences. Remembering, so much more. As he continues to live in my heart I ponder - what actions do I take next to support and build upon his legacy?
Remembering the future content media

Dave Huff

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