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Wend Wagner
Dec 11, 2022
In Share Your Memory
When I got the news of John’s passing, I was in shock and in tears. I was unable to write anything, as I found expressing the profound impact that John has had on my life unfathomable, until now. I discovered BodyTalk, a consciousness and heart-based energy medicine modality, in 2005 - one year after I started my massage therapy career. I needed something more to offer my clients, as I quickly realized that there’s more to people than just muscles and bones. John was a professional with a larger than life personality. He studied philosophy and martial arts from a very early age, then studied chiropractic, acupuncture and so many other modalities before he combined and synthesized his knowledge and wisdom into the modality now known as The BodyTalk System. He was dedicated to the constant evolution of BodyTalk over the years, and since I started in 2005, have been continually challenged with so many mind-blowing concepts that I have learned along the way and applied to my BodyTalk clients. I have seen so many great results and affects in people’s lives over the years. The effects in my own life, not only through BodyTalk, but through having the privilege to learn from John directly in his courses, have been immense. John sought to interweave knowledge of eastern philosophy with modern science, and apply it to health. Human health, animal health, plant health, and earth health. It amazes me at all the conceptual connections he has made between so many systems. He had a generous and compassionate spirit, and despite his “Aussie” sense of humour, took the health of his clients very seriously and did all he could to help in their healing journeys. He was also full of so many great and amazing stories that he would share in his classes or socially. His life’s passion was his work, and he was truly dedicated to it, right until his passing. In my Mindscape workshop I see John as we both sit and enjoy a lovely glass of Chardonnay. We are both laughing and crying at the same time. Embracing the paradox. May BodyTalk continue to carry on its revolutionary legacy that John Veltheim has so generously given the world. Photos: 2013 Malta BodyTalk Conference, 2017 Clearwater, Florida BodyTalk Conference, Screenshot from Senior BodyTalk Instructor Claudia Schembri-Heitman's BodyTalk Matrix session .
Farewell John Veltheim, with love and gratitude content media
Wend Wagner

Wend Wagner

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