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Lauren Brim
Dec 02, 2022
In Share Your Memory
I am so grateful that I got to experience two sessions with John just a few months before his passing. They will forever be burned in my memory and my heart with all of the love and support he shared with me. He was such a loving grandfather archetype to me, and I always felt loved by him and seen by him, even though he had so many "children" in the IBA. Reconnecting with the man whose work changed my life, gave me my career, my health, amazing friendships, and so much more means the world to me. I will forever be touched by this man and his huge contribution to my life, my family's life, my children and my career. Thank you, John Veltheim, for BodyTalk, for knowledge, and for freedom from so much suffering. What an enormous impact you made on my life from the age of 22 until now. Words do not suffice. I love you, and I hope to see you again someday!
Love you, John content media

Lauren Brim

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