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Dec 08, 2022
In Share Your Memory
Unknown to me at the time, in the weeks leading up to John's passing, I had this overwhelming sense of gratitude and how privileged I am to have learnt BodyTalk and be able to use it everyday of my life. To then read of John's passing was an absolute shock to me and I was in disbelief. Reflecting back over the years and the numerous conferences and training courses here in Australia that I had the opportunity to attend and share time with John, how luck was I. I have met so many wonderful people through BodyTalk - other practitioners, being able to teach and share it with like minded people, to all the wonderful clients I have had over the years. Before my own health issue, I had little exposure to any "alternative" therapy and once I had BodyTalk it turned my life in a completely different direction - from being a project manager working in the IT industry to becoming a BodyTalk practitioner and then instructor - Thank you! I have gained so much from John and BodyTalk. I was always in awe of his knowledge, his research and being able to package it in a way that the rest of us could understand an apply. His Aussie stories were sometimes a little embarrassing, but it was a bit part of who he was and his love for the country. I will miss all of his stories from his years of experience and the conversations we had over the years and being able to ask his advice. Your impact in this lifetime - I can't find the words to say - other than to say to this day in Australia I still come across people that have become chiropractors and other therapists as a result of your work in their lives back when you were a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist here. Your influence and genius lives on through all those that have been touched by your presence. With love. Melissa
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