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Dec 04, 2022
In Share Your Memory
The day John passed, I had been suddenly thinking how it might be nice to actually have a BT session with John, that I was not as scared of the idea that I had previously thought. As a founder, it used to seem out of reach, mentally to interact with such a higher up. Interesting as that thought (belief system) was, also on that same day of John's passing Esther was offering her online questioning session in preparation for future Breakthrough sessions...or following up such sessions. I was impressed how Esther taught her class on the day of his passing. Thank you John for your great explanations and online courses, accessible videos and classes available to those interested. I am truly grateful for your walking your journey to benefit humankind, plants and animals. Esther and John's family, I offer my deepest condolences. The gathering of the 500 or so people online was a great experience of connecting dots and inspirations from all around the world. Peace and Joy to all.


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